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3D2N Inner Jungle Private Tour


 (Cave & Orang Asli Village) ex-Kuala Tahan




Jam packed with adventure, our Real Inner Jungle package is designed to pump your adrenalin. Thrill your senses with an exciting expedition into nature – not to be missed by nature lovers.

You will experience trekking the rugged terrains under the majestic rainforest canopy, crossing refreshingly cool streams and rivers, sleeping in caves and tents on observations hide, and also visit Orang Asli villages.

Get acquainted with your nature guide at our operation counter in Kuala Tahan, first thing in the morning. You need to collect your camping gears, food and water. Be sure you are prepared and well equipped.


In Summary

You will also need to fill and submit in a Declaration Form for the Wildlife Officer’s approval. Your adventure begins as soon as you get the approval from the Ranger.

An overview of your itinerary: Take the boat to Kuala Keniam (1.5 hours). Trek to Gua Kepayang (8.6km). Set up your sleeping area, shower, cook and dine. Unwind, sleep and rest.

Trek to Kumbang Hide (8km). Set up your sleeping area, shower, cook and dine.

Enjoy a night of observing animals in their natural habitat. Unwind, sleep and rest.

Trek to Kuala Terenggan at the break of day (1.5km). Take the boat to Kuala Tahan. Stop by the Orang Asli settlement.


3D2N Inner Jungle Private Tour (Cave & Kumbang Hide & Visit Orang Asli Village) 

Availability From 16 Jan to 14 Nov
Minimum 1 Adults 
Meeting Point Kuala Tahan, Taman Negara
Tour Start 9.30 am
End Point Kuala Tahan, Taman Negara
Tour End 12.30 pm
Notes It is compulsory for each person to have hiking/trekking bag
(45L & above)

Make a Booking


Fill in the Booking Enquiry Form and click the Submit button.


You will receive our availability confirmation by email.


We will send our sales quotation, once we received your confirmation to book.


To secure your booking, please pay either by credit or debit card via PayPal or cash


Transfer or cash deposit

Package Fee Breakdown

Adult (1 Pax) 1460
Adult (2 Pax) 730
Adult (3 Pax) 490
Adult (4 Pax and above) 365


Itinerary Selection


Day 1
9.30 pm Assemble at Site Office in Kuala Tahan.
Note: Please bring along your Hiking/Trekking Bag (size 45L and above).
Meet Nature Guide
Food & drinking water distributions
Collect your packed lunch
Fill in a Declaration Form (everything you bring to the jungle)
Inspection by Ranger at Perhilitan/Wildlife Office
Boat ride from Kuala Tahan to Kuala Sg. Keniam (1.5 hours)
Optional – Canopy Walkway (ticket at your own cost = RM5.00 per person)
Trekking from Kuala Keniam to Gua Kepayang Besar (8.6KM) – 5 to 6 hours.
Packed lunch en-route.
6.00 pm Estimated time arrival at Kepayang Besar Cave
Set up sleeping based, shower at a small river.
Collect wood for camp fire at night and cook with Nature Guide
Candle light dinner
Overnight in the Cave
Day 2
7.30 am Jungle Breakfast
9.00 am Trekking from Kepayang Besar Cave to Kumbang Hide (8KM) – 4 hours
Quick lunch en-route (instant noodle)
4.00 pm Estimated time arrival at Kumbang Hide
Prepare for Dinner
Overnight in the Hide
Day 3
7.30 pm Jungle Breakfast
9.00 am Trekking 1.5KM (1 hour) from Kumbang Hide to Kuala Trenggan
Boat ride from Kuala Terenggan to visit Orang Asli Village
Boat ride back from Orang Asli Village to Kuala Tahan
11.30 am Estimated time arrival in Kuala Tahan


Tour Inclusion & Exclusions

Includes :

  1. 3 bottles (1.5L) of drinking water.
  2. Canned food.
  3. Biscuits & bread.
  4. Sleeping bag.
  5. Sleeping carry mat.

Excludes :

  1. Camera License (RM5.00 each).
  2. Insurance Coverage
  3. Pay to Wildlife Department, Taman Negara- Current rate is RM1.00, might be increased to Max 30.00/per person

Things you need to bring: 

  1. 2 t-shirts.
  2. 2 pants.
  3. 1 small towel.
  4. 1 flip flop.
  5. 1 flash/torch light.
  6. 1 hiking bag (size 45L and above) – compulsory.